Open for business! February 05, 2015 13:53

I'm so excited to have the shop open here at this cozy little storefront at 76 Washington Avenue! Despite the constant snowstorms and bitterly cold weather I'm happy here watching the winter world go by outside my window. Soon enough the snow will melt and more people will be out walking around and coming in. For now I'm enjoying the calm days of reflection, setting up shop and gathering beautiful objects for my collection. After nearly 3 years of staying home with my son it feels amazing to have a new mission. I'm so grateful for having the option to focus solely on him for so long, but as he gains independence from me I'm thrilled to have this new "baby" to share with other families. I hope that you will make your way over to Starry Eyes to check out some of the incredible items I've been collecting for the last few years ! And please feel free to bring things by to sell or trade in. I offer 25% of my sale price in cash, or 40% in store credit.